When it comes to the concept of addiction, it is no respecter of persons, as both genders are affected in ways which can almost be termed as equal. Men and women could become addicts to substances such as alcohol and drugs for instance, and it is a known fact that a good number of these reasons have an adverse effect on women.

Emotional issues and stress which pertains to family life, are known to have a special impact on women, and it tends to make them more invested in addiction than men.

Some schools of thought are of the opinion that, relationships are often the likely cause of female addiction, and this spans from the nature of the relationship which the woman finds herself, to her partner. It is likely for a woman to indulge in substance abuse, if her partner does the same thing too.

Studies have shown that women are more likely to cultivate the habit of addiction to alcohol and drugs faster than men. This is majorly the reason why women are often victims of poor mental health. As regards the physical effect of alcohol and drug addiction, women are most likely to suffer from the adverse complications which includes: hypertension, liver disease and the likes.

Taking a look at alcohol addiction more specifically, the bodies of women are not productive when it comes to the metabolism of alcohol, as the bodies of men. Women who are pregnant, are at a higher risk when they consume too much of alcohol, as there are a number of serious complications which could affect the unborn child.

It is essential that addiction treatment providers, should ensure that there is treatment available for female clients. This is very important because, when making the necessary assessment, it would be essential to know the type and the degree of the addiction. It is also important to take note of any already existing mental disorder which might be present.

Also, in order to help addicted women, it is essential that the causes for their addiction problem is effectively addressed, so that there would be no reason for a relapse. Women who are addicted need to be given enough care so that they can combat addiction successfully.

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