Common Female Addictions

There are a number of things that women become addicted to, but some are more commonly observed than others. Women turn to addictive substances and activities in an attempt to cope and to escape with life circumstances they cannot deal with. Addiction in women varies from men in motivation and in expression. Some of the most common female addictions are listed below:

  • Alcohol. A large number of women consume alcohol as a means of escaping from their problems. Alcohol is a dangerous addiction for women to succumb to because they lack an enzyme that men have that enables their bodies to break down alcohol more efficiently. Alcohol consumption increases the disease rate in women by a significant percentage.
  • Drugs. Be it prescription drugs or street drugs, women may become addicted as a way of escaping or as a form of comfort. Prescription drugs in particular become a security blanket for many women who are afraid to feel physical discomfort and become dependent on substances that mask it.
  • Food. Food is another comfort / security blanket addiction for women. Consuming comfort food creates endorphins and dopamine within women that trigger many desirable pleasure responses. It can be very difficult for women to control their impulse to moderate what and how much they eat.
  • Sex. Sex becomes a compulsive, addictive behavior for many women. A sex addiction in women is commonly a way of trying to numb one’s self to past abandonment and is often an indication of running from pain.
  • Shopping. Like sex, shopping is a process addiction, meaning the high comes from repeating a pleasurable process. Purchasing items makes many women feel a sense of richness in obtaining their desires and can become compulsive, even to the detriment of their finances and personal space.
  • Internet. The internet is addictive to men and women alike, but women are likely to lose themselves to the internet because it makes for a great distraction from problems.

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