Women Struggling With Addiction

Statistically, men are more likely to struggle with addiction than women. This fact is frequently misinterpreted to mean that women seldom struggle with addiction. The truth is, women struggle with addiction at a rate comparable to men, but slightly lesser. Addiction is universally human, and women are very much in need of support and treatment when they are struggling with addiction. There is a great deal of light that needs to be shed on how addiction affects women in particular, but psychologists are aware of some facets of addiction that are unique to women.

One distinction between the way that addiction affects women verses men is what prompts women to become addicts. Women are slightly more likely to become addicts due to a need for escape or comfort, where as men are slightly more likely to become addicted to the pleasure and adrenaline of addiction. Some psychologists argue that, due to the evolutionary biology of women having less control of society than men, they exhibit their need for control over their inner lives, such as their imaginations and fantasies, or in some cases, they defer to the attention of men for comfort or feelings of control. This explains the nature of common addictions among women.

Several common addictions that women struggle with are love, romance and sex, as well as a number of substance related addictions such as prescription drugs or alcohol, and process addictions such as gambling. Men and women share some of these addictions closely, but addiction to love is statistically a more female problem.

Addiction treatment for women is widely available for those who are willing to reach out for help. Confronting the underlying reasons for addiction is emotionally taxing and scary, but it is also the only way to heal. There are addiction treatment centers that are created specifically for women, to help women through the addiction problems that are particular to them. If you or a women you care about is struggling with addiction, receive help today.

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