How Women Can Defeat Their Addictions

Women and men both struggle with addiction in their own right. It used to be believed that men were far more prone to addiction, but the gender gap on the subject of addiction has largely been closed, revealing that men and women struggle in equal measure with the condition of affliction. Women’s addictions look different than men’s. They respond differently to addiction and go about recovery in ways that vary from men. In order for women to recover from addiction, they can seek help in various forms, depending on the severity of their addiction.

  • Residential Rehabilitation. For the most severe cases of addiction, residential rehab is statistically the most successful treatment method because it is the most intensive, immersing and extended of any treatment method.
  • Outpatient Rehabilitation. Outpatient rehab offers many of the same treatment tactics as residential rehab but the individual continues to live on their own and support themselves in the real world. This is the less intensive version of residential rehab.
  • Sober Living Houses. Often called halfway houses, these facilities offer living accommodations for people who support themselves but could benefit from the supervision and rules of addiction specialists who oversee their way of life.
  • Counseling. For less severe addictions, weekly counseling can be the perfect remedy. Sometimes all a person needs is a new level of self awareness, which can be achieved by bringing an objective, expert opinion into the individual’s life.
  • Support Group Meetings. These addiction fighting groups meet either weekly or monthly to form connections and relationships in order to support one another and cheer each other on through recovery. They are largely effective for people who have already acquired some basic recovery tools.
  • Self help methods. Self help involves taking in expert advice from literature or other materials on how to recover from addiction, and then actively applying it to one’s life. This is a good option for strongly self motivated people and those with relatively minor addiction problems.

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