4 tips for mothers to prevent addiction among their teenagers

Generally, mothers are tipped to be closer to their children than their fathers. This is largely because they are the first point of contact at conception.

Because of the closeness that exists between mother and child, it is arguably correct to mention that mothers can help to stop addiction from happening in their teenagers. Here are some tips to get started

Know the friends of your teenagers

One of the reasons why teenagers get addicted is because of the influence of their friends. They spend a huge chunk of time with their friends and they are likely to borrow some of their habits.

Apart from spending physical time with friends, they also meet over social media platforms. It is important to be sure of the type of friends your teenagers are keeping.

Ensure that they are sober children from a sober home. When it comes to addiction, you cannot trust your teenager with anyone until you ascertain their sobriety.

Encourage healthy habits

Another way for mothers to prevent their teenagers from getting addicted is by motivating them to live healthily. Hence, they should eat nutritious meals, exercise frequently, get enough hours of sleep and take enough water.

Avoid places likely to cause addiction

Since mothers might not be with their teenagers everywhere, they should be encouraged not to be everywhere. Some places can trigger a person’s addiction. Hence, when these places are identified, it would be easy to avoid them.

Monitor their social media activity

Mothers are also saddled with the opportunity of knowing the type of content their teenagers consume online. They should be careful to ensure that their teenagers stay away from content that encourages them to abuse substances or behaviors that can get them addicted.

When mothers draw closer to their teenagers and know what they are up to, it would be easier to prevent them from getting addicted.

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