How drug addiction affects women

Women and men have different structures. When it comes to physical size, women are generally smaller than men.  

Additionally, due to the menstruation feature, women experience more hormonal fluctuations than menstruation.

Because of biology and nature, women react to drug abuse differently from men. They are more likely to experience the long-term effects than men.

Here are some ways how drug addiction affects women

Body Fat

According to research, women have a considerably higher level of body fat than men. This makes them more likely to harbor drugs for a long time because most drugs dissolve in lipids. Hence, the effects of the drugs are likely to last longer in women than men.


When people take drugs, the goal is to experience a considerable level of pleasure. This is why they remain addicted because no one wants to let go of that pleasure for something else.

However, women generally experience a higher level of pleasure than men- the same applies to pain relief. The reason is because of the estrogen hormone in women that counterbalances the pain receptors in the body.

Kidney function

Generally, men’s kidneys work faster than women’s. Kidneys help in eliminating drugs from the body. Therefore, since drugs spend a longer time in the body of women, the kidneys will have a harder time removing drugs from the body.

Liver function

Just like the kidneys, the liver process substances faster in men than women. Since the liver processes alcohol and drugs in the body, it happens faster in men than women. Hence, the drugs spend a longer time in women making them more susceptible to liver-related diseases.

Blood proteins

It is important to mention that men have a higher binding capacity in their blood than women. This means that the blood proteins of women cannot hold foreign substances like drugs. This makes them more vulnerable to the side effects of any drug they are addicted to.

Women can be protected from these conditions and more by getting the right help for drug addiction from a reputable rehab.

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