Signs of substance addiction in Women

When substance addiction kicks in, it is not an incidence that happens overnight. Substance addiction is often the result of a long-time of drug and alcohol abuse.

Some people have a higher risk of getting addicted than other people. This makes it imperative to know how to recognize the signs of someone dealing with substance addiction. When a woman is dealing with substance addiction, some signs reflect this condition. 

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Below are some of the signs that a woman is addicted to any substance

Physical signs

The physical signs of substance addiction in women also include the withdrawal symptoms they might experience when they are away from those substances for a long time. These physical signs include drowsiness, hallucinations, agitation, aggression, difficulty breathing, delusions, etc.

While the physical withdrawal symptoms may comprise confusion, insomnia, loss of appetite, seizures, nausea, headaches, fever, fatigue and many more.

Trouble at work/school

Another sign that a woman is struggling with substance addiction is that she might experience difficulties meeting up with work-related tasks or school work. People close to her might notice her average or below-average performance, as they will observe a decline in energy and passion towards work.

Financial problems

When someone is addicted, there is a good chance that they will face financial issues. This is because addiction makes one keep spending so that they can satisfy themselves. Hence, you will likely find addicts running into huge debts because they have taken loans that are becoming difficult to pay.

Secretive behavior

Addiction thrives in secrecy or isolation, so this is one of the first things you will notice if you suspect someone is dealing with addiction. Such people will keep their private space guarded, making it difficult for anyone to gain entry.

They will also avoid social gatherings because they want more time to engage in addictive behaviors. Some lie because they want to cover up what they are doing. When you regularly observe this need for privacy, it is one of the signs of substance addiction.

4 tips for mothers to prevent addiction among their teenagers

Generally, mothers are tipped to be closer to their children than their fathers. This is largely because they are the first point of contact at conception.

Because of the closeness that exists between mother and child, it is arguably correct to mention that mothers can help to stop addiction from happening in their teenagers. Here are some tips to get started

Know the friends of your teenagers

One of the reasons why teenagers get addicted is because of the influence of their friends. They spend a huge chunk of time with their friends and they are likely to borrow some of their habits.

Apart from spending physical time with friends, they also meet over social media platforms. It is important to be sure of the type of friends your teenagers are keeping.

Ensure that they are sober children from a sober home. When it comes to addiction, you cannot trust your teenager with anyone until you ascertain their sobriety.

Encourage healthy habits

Another way for mothers to prevent their teenagers from getting addicted is by motivating them to live healthily. Hence, they should eat nutritious meals, exercise frequently, get enough hours of sleep and take enough water.

Avoid places likely to cause addiction

Since mothers might not be with their teenagers everywhere, they should be encouraged not to be everywhere. Some places can trigger a person’s addiction. Hence, when these places are identified, it would be easy to avoid them.

Monitor their social media activity

Mothers are also saddled with the opportunity of knowing the type of content their teenagers consume online. They should be careful to ensure that their teenagers stay away from content that encourages them to abuse substances or behaviors that can get them addicted.

When mothers draw closer to their teenagers and know what they are up to, it would be easier to prevent them from getting addicted.

How drug addiction affects women

Women and men have different structures. When it comes to physical size, women are generally smaller than men.  

Additionally, due to the menstruation feature, women experience more hormonal fluctuations than menstruation.

Because of biology and nature, women react to drug abuse differently from men. They are more likely to experience the long-term effects than men.

Here are some ways how drug addiction affects women

Body Fat

According to research, women have a considerably higher level of body fat than men. This makes them more likely to harbor drugs for a long time because most drugs dissolve in lipids. Hence, the effects of the drugs are likely to last longer in women than men.


When people take drugs, the goal is to experience a considerable level of pleasure. This is why they remain addicted because no one wants to let go of that pleasure for something else.

However, women generally experience a higher level of pleasure than men- the same applies to pain relief. The reason is because of the estrogen hormone in women that counterbalances the pain receptors in the body.

Kidney function

Generally, men’s kidneys work faster than women’s. Kidneys help in eliminating drugs from the body. Therefore, since drugs spend a longer time in the body of women, the kidneys will have a harder time removing drugs from the body.

Liver function

Just like the kidneys, the liver process substances faster in men than women. Since the liver processes alcohol and drugs in the body, it happens faster in men than women. Hence, the drugs spend a longer time in women making them more susceptible to liver-related diseases.

Blood proteins

It is important to mention that men have a higher binding capacity in their blood than women. This means that the blood proteins of women cannot hold foreign substances like drugs. This makes them more vulnerable to the side effects of any drug they are addicted to.

Women can be protected from these conditions and more by getting the right help for drug addiction from a reputable rehab.


Addiction comes with lots of unpleasant effects, and it is important to tackle it before it destroys an individual. A woman who is addicted stands the risk of putting her home in danger, and this is why she needs to seek help before it is too late.

First off, the addiction of a woman prevents her from keeping her home in good shape.

She would not be able to care for her home because she is busy tending to her addiction. This is one of the reasons why some children grow up without proper upbringing.

Children of addicted mothers would most likely grow up to be addicted, and the reason for this is because they imbibed the habits of their addicted mothers.

A woman’s addiction implies neglect, not only to her home but to the society. She would pay less attention to things that are important and more attention to frivolous things.

If she is in the workplace, there is a tendency for her not to be productive. Her performance would be on the decline because she is not properly suited for work.

In addition, there is also a chance that it would affect the relationship she has with her husband, if there is any. They could have frequent fights just because of her addiction.

Addicted individuals and non-addicted individuals do not see eye-to-eye. And the reason for this is the brain of both parties are not wired alike.

For an addicted woman, her brain has been rewired to suit her addiction. So, it affects the way she thinks and feel, which is alien to those who are not addicted.

An addicted woman needs to seek help from an addiction treatment center for her heath to get better. If she does not make attempts to get better, she would discover that her case is worse than before.

If she is not careful, her addiction problem could have an adverse effect on her physical and mental health.


When it comes to the concept of addiction, it is no respecter of persons, as both genders are affected in ways which can almost be termed as equal. Men and women could become addicts to substances such as alcohol and drugs for instance, and it is a known fact that a good number of these reasons have an adverse effect on women.

Emotional issues and stress which pertains to family life, are known to have a special impact on women, and it tends to make them more invested in addiction than men.

Some schools of thought are of the opinion that, relationships are often the likely cause of female addiction, and this spans from the nature of the relationship which the woman finds herself, to her partner. It is likely for a woman to indulge in substance abuse, if her partner does the same thing too.

Studies have shown that women are more likely to cultivate the habit of addiction to alcohol and drugs faster than men. This is majorly the reason why women are often victims of poor mental health. As regards the physical effect of alcohol and drug addiction, women are most likely to suffer from the adverse complications which includes: hypertension, liver disease and the likes.

Taking a look at alcohol addiction more specifically, the bodies of women are not productive when it comes to the metabolism of alcohol, as the bodies of men. Women who are pregnant, are at a higher risk when they consume too much of alcohol, as there are a number of serious complications which could affect the unborn child.

It is essential that addiction treatment providers, should ensure that there is treatment available for female clients. This is very important because, when making the necessary assessment, it would be essential to know the type and the degree of the addiction. It is also important to take note of any already existing mental disorder which might be present.

Also, in order to help addicted women, it is essential that the causes for their addiction problem is effectively addressed, so that there would be no reason for a relapse. Women who are addicted need to be given enough care so that they can combat addiction successfully.